What To Expect From Your Commercial Waste Management Service Provider

Waste is an unavoidable product of every business entity. Whether its daily rubbish, periodic clean-up rubbish or leftovers from raw materials, it needs to be collected and disposed of in a legal manner. This ensures that your business premises remains clean and tidy at all times. By signing up with acommercial waste management service, you can enjoy this through provision of various waste collection services as detailed below.

General waste disposal

General waste encompasses ordinary waste such food, old furniture, electronics, rubbish, clothing items, etc. Your waste management company will provide you with a bin where this waste will be collected. Once removed from your premises, any re-usable materials will be donated or sold to third parties. The remaining non-reusable waste is then dumped carefully in landfill sites. 


To reduce the carbon footprint of your business and conserve the environment, your waste management company will recycle viable waste materials collected from your business. This includes paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic. Your waste management company will collect the recyclable waste and take it to a treatment plant where it will be sorted, shredded and packed. Once done, such waste is re-sold to third party producers who will then re-manufacture the waste into new products.

Hazardous material removal

Your waste management service company will also undertake to remove hazardous materials collected from your premises. This includes materials such as asbestos, lead, flammable liquids and explosive materials. However, only companies licensed to deal with the respective materials are allowed to do so under law. By removing such materials from your premises, your waste management company will ease your removal of such 'difficult' waste and make your premises a safer place to work from.

Private waste handling & disposal

Lastly, your waste management company can also remove any private or confidential waste that you need handled in a discreet manner. This can include past products that are not up for sale or distribution. Discreet disposal will ensure nobody learns about the products in an effort to safeguard your company's trade secrets. The waste disposal company can also handle confidential documents such as past files and records. Again, discreet handling will ensure such valuable information does not land in the wrong hands, exposing valuable client information.

Once you sign up with a waste management company, they will tailor a collection program depending on your waste needs. You will then be provided with bins which will be collected and replaced regularly, ensuring your waste needs are meet fully.