Four Steps For A Clean Mattress

It is important to understand that if your bed mattress is not cleaned regularly, this can contribute to a host of medical conditions. As  a general rule, the mattress steam cleaning should happen once every couple of months; try to make it a part of your overall cleaning routine. It is worthwhile investing in a steam cleaner to ensure that the mattress is cleaned thoroughly and not just vacuumed. This article looks at the four steps involved when steam cleaning your mattress.

Start With The Steam Cleaner

Once the mattress is ready to be cleaned, start up the steam cleaner and move it slowly over the whole surface of the mattress. Hover over any parts that are stained or particularly dirty. Most humans will produce around half a liter of sweat per night – and this can build up and cause staining. The power of the steam cleaner will not only break down these stains, it will also kill off any bugs that may be present. These pests anchor themselves to the mattress fibers and are not removed by vacuuming alone. The heat of the steam will eliminate them.

Vacuum The Mattress

After the steam cleaning, let the mattress dry out before vacuuming it. The vacuum will now be able to remove any bugs or other stain marks that the steamer broke down. Again, move the vacuum slowly over the entire surface of the mattress, remembering to use the nozzle or attachments to get in any indentations or around the seam at the edges.


The next stage will remove any lingering odors that the mattress may have. Be wary of shop bought solutions that simply cover up smells, rather than eliminating them at the source. One great, inexpensive and home made solution is to use baking soda. Sprinkle this over any areas that retain an odor and let it work in for around an hour. If you like, you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil at this time. After an hour, re-vacuum the mattress to pick up the baking soda.

Air The Mattress

The last step is an important one. Although it is preferable to hang the mattress outside in the sun for a couple of hours – this helps to kill off any bacteria still present in the mattress as well as eliminate the build up of moisture – a well ventilated room in your house will suffice, as long as it lit by the sun. Leave the mattress in this location for a couple of hours.

You can then put the sheets back on the mattress and use it.