Simple Dos and Don’ts for Getting Upholstery Cleaning Right

When you have a sofa or chair that you love, cleaning it regularly helps you enjoy it for longer. Following simple dos and don'ts is an easy way to ensure your upholstery cleaning efforts are not wasted. Do Vacuum Regularly Even when it doesn't look as though there's any dirt or debris on your upholstery, you need to vacuum it regularly. Doing so ensures you don't miss surface dirt that could later settle in and make your sofa look drab. Read More 

Four Differences You’ll Notice After Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

If you're like most business owners, you're probably busy enough with the day-to-day operations that you don't have time to clean your office on a regular basis. That's why it's important to hire professional cleaning services for your commercial property. Here are four differences you'll notice after hiring commercial cleaning services. 1. Better Indoor Air Quality  indoor air pollution can sometimes be more concentrated than outdoor air pollution. This is because many contaminants in buildings come from the materials used in construction and furnishings, including adhesives, carpeting, paints, and floor finishes. Read More 

Two Tips to Maximise the Results of Using Carpet Cleaning Services

Here are two tips to follow if you want to maximise the results of using carpet cleaning services. Show them which areas of any dark or patterned carpets have stains or are smelly If you have very dirty carpets that are dark-coloured or have a busy pattern, you should indicate to the cleaner which areas of these carpets have stubborn stains you've been unable to remove yourself or which sections are the most malodorous. Read More 

Practical Tips for Cleaning the Area Rug in Your Child’s Bedroom

Kids spend a lot of time on the floor as they play and crawl around. Therefore, if you have a rug in your child's room, keeping it clean is not just a matter of hygiene — it's about your kid's health too. Regularly cleaning the rug protects your child from inhaling dirt, pet dander and other pollutants that stick to the fibres. Rug cleaning also improves air quality and makes the space suitable for play and sleep. Read More 

Why is My Leather Upholstery Peeling?

Leather is a popular choice for upholstery because it provides superior quality furniture, looks classier than other fabrics and gets more comfortable with age. After dyeing leather, the colour gets absorbed into the fabric, which means that it does not fade with time and age. However, if you want your leather upholstery to serve you for decades, you will still need to give it a lot of proper care and maintenance. Read More