Removing Dog Urine from Your Carpets: Not Always As Simple As You Think

Dog owners will know the importance of regular, thorough vacuuming. And yet as a dog owner, you probably know that this isn't always going to be enough. Investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner is a savvy move when you share your home with dogs, and this will generally be sufficient when it comes to picking up dog hair and the general dirt and debris that your dog is likely to bring inside. Read More 

Two ways to simplify the process of cleaning your home

Cleaning your home can be overwhelming, complicated and time-consuming, particularly if it is quite large or if you have children and pets. Here are two steps you can take to simplify this process. Don't buy an excessive number of 'specialist' cleaning products In a typical supermarket, you can usually find dozens upon dozens of different types of cleaning products, each of which supposedly has unique properties which make it suitable only for a specific area of your home. Read More 

3 Important Waste Management Tips to Help You Determine Your Needs for Skip Bin Services

Waste management is not as clear cut as many people think. You may be into DIY and have decided to dispose of your waste yourself. It is possible to do this efficiently, depending on the kind of garbage you want to clear.  However, you may at times find yourself faced with mountains of waste, such as when you are building or renovating your home. At such a time, you may consider hiring a skip bin, but have no idea where to start. Read More