Organising a Volunteer-Based Hospital Cleaning Day: Tips and Ideas

For a change of pace, consider using volunteers to clean parts of your hospital. Organising a volunteer-based cleaning session is a great way to brighten up your hospital and impart volunteers with a sense of pride. Here are some tips to help you run the event successfully and productively:

1. Cover the importance of handwashing

Cleaning a hospital is not like cleaning a house, a school or more other facilities. Hospitals can harbour a wide range of germs that can be potentially deadly. The best way to avoid the spread of these germs is through handwashing.

Before you start cleaning with your volunteer crew, give them a quick explanation on the importance of handwashing and make sure to provide them with ample opportunities to wash their hands throughout the day so that they do not move around germs in the hospital or take them home.

2. Focus on deep or seasonal cleaning tasks

Cleaning a hospital is a serious job, and in many cases, the everyday cleaning that needs to be done to keep operating rooms, maternity wards and other parts of the hospital clean should be handled by a professional hospital cleaning crew who knows the safest and most effective protocol.

Instead, let your volunteers focus on seasonal or deep cleaning tasks. For example, have them dust the tops of high countertops, scrub the walls in the hallway or remove cobwebs from the gift shop.

3. Don't forget about the outside

A relatively germ-free area to send volunteers is the outside of your hospital. Instead of having them clean inside the hospital, have them spruce up your landscaping or pick up litter outside of your hospital.

4. Assign small groups to specific tasks

If you have a large group of volunteers ready and eager to clean your hospital, you need to focus on organising that crew. If possible, have several head volunteers or even hospital staff members assigned to lead each small group of volunteers.

Assign each of these groups certain cleaning tasks. That helps to keep things organised, and by putting volunteers into groups with a leader, you make it easier for them to ask questions or get help along the way.

5. Work with charity groups

If you are having trouble getting enough volunteers for your special hospital cleaning day, contact local charity groups. They may be willing to send over participants. Similarly, schools that require students to complete volunteer work may also be willing to spread news of your cleaning day.