Using A Carpet Cleaning Machine For The First Time

Operating a carpet cleaner correctly is not just a case of getting the machine out and using it like a vacuum. Like all jobs, preparation plays a very important part and will directly influence the end results you experience. Instead of thinking that you will just give the carpet a quick clean, try to view it as a bigger task, one where you have to follow certain steps to get the most out of the machine. This article looks at the proper way to prepare for and use a carpet cleaning machine.

Before You Start

To help the carpet cleaner do the best job it can, you should begin by removing as much furniture from the room as possible. Move coffee tables and cabinets into the next room. You should also try to move the sofa and chairs into the middle of the room, if you can't take them out too. You will get an unsightly finish if you simply move these items of furniture a few inches so that you can clean under these parts.

Use The Vacuum First

Some homeowners get into the bad habit of not vacuuming the carpet before they wash it; time is usually the restricting factor. Avoid this and do the whole task when you have enough free time. Vacuuming before using the cleaner will dramatically increase the end result. The vacuum will pick up all the dust, dirt, debris and any pet hairs and this will allow the carpet cleaner to do its job and not get clogged up.

Go Slower Than The Vacuum

Once the carpet has been vacuumed, you can begin to clean it with the carpet cleaner. The technique is different from using a vacuum cleaner. Try to push the carpet cleaner at around half of the pace you push the vacuum. This gives the machine the chance to really work on the fibers of the carpet. Start at the area of the room furthest from the door and work back towards the door. Overlap the strips of carpet you have cleaned to ensure that all of the carpet has a chance of being cleaned. Any areas you miss will show up clearly.

For Difficult Stains

Usually, stubborn stains can be removed by moving the cleaner back over the spot as many times as needed. Move the machine slower over these areas, allowing the water and shampoo to be released. Bring the cleaner back over, slowly, to remove them. If this isn't enough, you may need to call up carpet cleaning services.

You can open the windows to help the carpets dry quickly. It can take anywhere from several minutes to an hour for it to dry properly.