Proper Precautions To Take When Removing Asbestos

Airborne asbestos particles are lethal to human health. When a homeowner is removing asbestos from their property, for example, by removing cement or ceiling tiles, it is absolutely critical that the correct protective clothing is purchased and used. If the wrong equipment is used, such as an unsuitable face mask, then the health of the person carrying out the work may be in danger. This article looks at the correct safety and personal equipment to wear when removing asbestos from your property.

Start With The Overalls

Most hardware stores will sell all of the correct equipment that is required to safely remove and dispose of asbestos. For your main body, use a disposable set of overalls. Don't be tempted to use an old set of overalls, wash them and then reuse them. This is dangerous. You must dispose of the overalls when you have finished the job. To safely do so, cover the overalls with a fine and light spraying of water so that the asbestos fibers do not become airborne as you remove the overalls. And keep your mask on until the overalls are safely in a plastic bag.

Hat, Gloves And Eye Wear

All of these pieces of equipment should also be disposable. Once you have finished removing the asbestos, lightly spray all of these items and carefully take them off. Place them in the plastic bag alongside the overalls. To protect your feet, purchase disposable – or one time use – footwear. Follow the same procedure; spray them with a fine mist of water and place in the plastic bag, ready for disposal.

Get The Right Respirator

You will have to purchase the correct respirator (or face mask) to use when removing asbestos. The only ones suitable for this type of job are masks that cover half of the face and have either a P1 or P2 grade of filter. If you already have one of these respirators, you can purchase the P1 or P2 cartridges to fit in them, otherwise it is best to purchase disposable P1 or P2 respirators. It is recommended that males who are removing asbestos should be clean shaven so that a proper seal is achieved between the face and the mask. Any gaps here can be dangerous.

Always Shower Immediately Afterwards

Once finished removing the asbestos, immediately shower; don't wait until later. Make sure that you wash thoroughly, including your hair. This will safely remove any particles that have managed to get on your body.

Always double wrap the bags intended for disposal and make sure that you mark the bags as dangerous; include the word asbestos on the bag as well.

Since this is such a dangerous and potentially lethal task, consider contacting a professional asbestos removal company to do it for you, since they should be prepared and trained to safely remove it.