Different Kinds of Services Offered By a Commercial Cleaner

When you own a business, whether it's a factory, warehouse, office or manufacturing facility, you will need to hire a commercial cleaning service to maintain cleanliness and sanitary standards. But if you think that commercial cleaners are only useful to dust, clean and sweep floors, you are mistaken. Here are the other types of services these professionals can offer your business.

Strip and Seal -- The flooring in warehouses, factories and restaurant kitchens takes a beating and can wear down quickly. Flooring that is broken, cracked or peeling can become a safety hazard and a liability risk for you as an owner. To prevent mishaps, you can hire a commercial cleaner to provide you with strip and seal service. With this service, the cleaner will strip your existing flooring, clean and even out the underlayer and lay down new flooring material.The new flooring is sealed with a special finish that offers outstanding protection as well as aesthetic value due to its shine. If you don't want the entire flooring stripped, you can also opt for a strip and seal service in which only the finish on your floors is removed and a new finish applied. Strip and seal is available on wood floors, vinyl floors, porcelain floors and concrete floors.

Pressure Washing -- Pressure washing is a commercial cleaning service that is used to clean stained floors, stained driveways, stained car parks and interior and exterior walls. Commercial cleaners use pressure washers, which are machines that feature a tank, a high-pressure hose, nozzle and a wand. Pressure washers direct a powerful blast of pressurized water that is strong enough to strip paint, remove graffiti and remove grease and oil stains from concrete, brick and stone surfaces. Pressure washing is ideal for facilities such as meatpacking plants, slaughterhouses, restaurant kitchens, auto garages and factories where a great amount of dirt and grime is created on a daily basis.

Event Clean-Up -- If you are throwing a special company event, you can hire a commercial cleaning company to handle the entire clean-up job. Events such as corporate retreats, company picnics, company lunches or award banquets are part of normal business activities, but cleaning up isn't something you want your employees to do. Commercial cleaners can take care of all aspects of cleaning up after your event, including packing away tables and chairs, disposing of industrial-size garbage bags, sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down walls and windows and cleaning all lavatories.