How Your Office Cleaning Team Can Tackle External Graffiti

Unfortunately, some would-be artists choose to use any plain area of external wall as a canvas for their work, and this could include the outside of your commercial premises.  Not all these graffiti artists are so talented that you'd want to leave their efforts on public display, but removing stubborn daubing can be a real problem.  This can leave your building looking downright tatty, and it can be very off-putting for visitors.

Fortunately, a good commercial cleaning contractor like Comclean Australia Pty Ltd will be well-equipped and suitably trained to remove graffiti completely, returning your building to its original condition and taking effective preventative steps to keep it that way.  Read on to find out more.

Graffiti removal

Removing graffiti that contains paint can be difficult depending on the surface affected.  Standard paint removers and products with a high solvent content are not very environmentally friendly, and they can actually damage concrete and brickwork whilst leaving faded paint stains behind. 

Professional cleaning contractors use products specifically designed to remove graffiti without impacting on either the vandalised surface or the environment.  This is why you should always leave the job to the professionals who will also have the right tools and safety equipment for the job.

Anti-graffiti wall coatings

In addition to graffiti removal, commercial cleaning companies have access to specialist products that can be applied to external surfaces to prevent further damage.  Although there is an extra cost involved in having the preventative treatment applied, your business will save money in the long run as graffiti removal won't have to be carried out as frequently.

There are two types of anti-graffiti coating products available.

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating products are designed to be removed along with the graffiti paint.  In effect, the paint sits on top of the coating, and both are removed using low-pressure water blasting and mild chemical cleaning agents.  The coating will then be reapplied to the surface to offer protection from future vandalism.

Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating

Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating products take the form of transparent paint that's designed to stay on the surface.  The paint is formulated to work in conjunction with specialist cleaning products to facilitate the easy removal of paint and aerosol sprays.

In conclusion

If your business premises have been attacked by graffiti artists, take steps to have the problem dealt with professionally as soon as possible.  This action not only makes removal of the graffiti easier, it also helps to dissuade artists from repeat attacks if their work is taken down almost as quickly as it appears.  Contact your local commercial cleaning company for more information and advice.