The Carpet Cleaning Machines Buying Guide

Carpet cleaning is a task that homeowners varyingly undertake. For the occasional cleaner, hiring professionals or renting a cleaner is usually the preferred means. For those with kids running around the house with muddy shoes, pets, or average sized homes that get carpets dirty frequently, buying a carpet cleaner may just be the cheapest option available. Whichever your case, acquiring the best carpet cleaning devices goes a long way into ensuring the job goes well.  

From compact cleaners, to full size and deep cleaners, carpet cleaning machines vary in both user-experience and capability. You will find that different people attest to different makes and models' hands down superiority. One area you will need to carefully look at, though, is the features available with the machines. These cleaners can turn out to be quite un-maneuverable especially if your home has carpeted stairs, or you need to clean the upholstery. Here is a brief run-down of features to look out for that may just make your work easier.


With carpet cleaning machines, you may find that moving brushes are more reliable for cleaning than the no brush, or fixed brush cleaners that you have to move for cleaning. Moving brushes make the job easier and provide more aggressive scrubbing that will ultimately result in better cleaning.


The cleaning solution tank needs to be refilled regularly. A larger tank means less frequent refilling cycles than a smaller tank. Conversely, a larger tank often means a more bulky machine that may make the work harder especially if you are cleaning frequently or cleaning extremely large areas. The same would apply for cleaning stairs and such difficult zones.

Cords and hoses

Like with vacuum cleaners, cleaner cords and hoses should be long enough to allow easier maneuverability and access to several regions of your home. Shorter cords and hoses may pose challenges when, for instance, you have to clean carpeted stairs, or you have to find extension cords and accessible sockets.

Soap dispensers

Carpet cleaning machines with separate soap dispensers make the task easier than those which mix the soap and water. For starters, a separate soap dispenser regulates the amount of soap used. The separation also allows for rinsing with water only after the cleaner scrubs with soap.  

Functional attachments

You may also want to look at the applicability and functional attributes of the other attachments of the cleaner. For instance, if you need to clean upholstery and tight spots, your upright cleaner attachments should be long and well structured. Similarly, steaming should be achievable without having to boil the water first.

For more information on carpet cleaning machines, talk to a cleaning service.