Do You Read The Labels When You Buy New Clothing?

Do you have an open-ended budget when it comes to clothing? Few people do, which is why you've really got to look after any garments that you buy, to make sure that they last as long as possible. If you're like most people, you will pay a lot of attention to these items in the early days, make sure that they're folded away carefully and try not to spill any of your late-night barbecue all down the front.

Yet as time goes by, your attention may drift to something else, and these items become just another part of your wardrobe. It's little surprise, therefore, that some people may subsequently damage these garments during the cleaning process, simply because they did not pay attention to what was on the label. Why should you be more attentive here and what does the label actually mean?

Icons Tell a Story

When you're shopping for a new outfit, do you always look at the label before you actually buy it? As you may know, labels today contain a number of icons which are internationally recognised and tell you instantly how to care for the garment. This is especially useful if the item was made overseas and the label was printed in a foreign language.

Are You Reading Carefully?

However, you should be very careful whenever you buy unique or more expensive clothing, to include designer labels and always read that label before you buy. You may be surprised that the manufacturer insists you "dry clean only," or in some cases "spot clean only." This manufacturer is trying to help you avoid causing damage to the item by doing something else. However, if you don't read the label at all, then you may find out the hard way when you drag the item out of the washing machine in the future.

Always Dry Clean

In general, any clothing that is lined, such as a skirt, dress suit, jacket or trousers should always be dry cleaned. If it is made from suede, leather, wool or silk, it should also be left up to the professionals at that stage.

What You Should Do Instead

Get into the habit of checking those labels before you buy anything, especially if your purchase is likely to be rather expensive. If you're not sure, ask the attendant to give you direct advice about cleaning, or get in touch with your local dry cleaners to see what they recommend.

For more information, on dry cleaning care, contact your local dry cleaning pick up service today.