Are You Cleaning Your Windows at Home Properly?

If you have your own three- or four-bedroom detached home, you know that it takes a certain amount of maintenance. You have a budget set aside for unexpected expenditure, and you've also set aside some cash for regular work. While you may have been used to doing some of this work yourself in recent times, you've never paid as much attention as you should to window cleaning. As this may have caused some damage to build up and cause unwanted expenditures, you've decided to take control of the situation and ensure that your windows are properly cleaned as and when needed. However, what's the best way to approach this?

Sizing Up the Job

A property of your size may have two dozen or more windows, and if the home is set over two stories, you shouldn't underestimate the challenge. To do the job properly, you need to clean each window at least once per month. Remember, you'll want to avoid any deterioration which could lead to more unwanted expenditure in the future.

Proper Equipment

These days, it is possible to wash the windows on the upper floor without the use of a ladder. You may be glad to hear this as that type of activity can be a little dangerous, especially if you're not at your best when working at height. You can use a pole system specifically designed for the job, with special brushes that are designed to reach each window properly.

Tips and Tricks

Remember, you should use purified water whenever you clean your windows and should only do this job at certain times of the day. It's not ideal to clean the glass when it is in direct sun as it can lead to streaking, unless you are very efficient as you work.

To begin with, make sure that you never let the cleaning solution dry on the surface of the window. As soon as you cover the pane in question, you should use the other tool or a hand sponge to wipe it off straight away. You should also avoid using too much solution and should dilute the product before application, as this will certainly help to cut down the number of streaks that may otherwise form.

Over to the Professionals?

As you can see, this is quite an involved job if you want to do it properly. Perhaps it would be better for you to outsource the task to a window cleaning service so you can utilise your time more effectively elsewhere.