Practical Tips for Cleaning the Area Rug in Your Child’s Bedroom

Kids spend a lot of time on the floor as they play and crawl around. Therefore, if you have a rug in your child's room, keeping it clean is not just a matter of hygiene — it's about your kid's health too. Regularly cleaning the rug protects your child from inhaling dirt, pet dander and other pollutants that stick to the fibres. Rug cleaning also improves air quality and makes the space suitable for play and sleep. Below are four area rug cleaning tips for your child's room.

Create a cleaning schedule

A practical schedule enables you to keep up with rug cleaning and avoid neglect. An ideal schedule should include a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklist. Below are some cleaning procedures you can undertake:

1. Daily cleaning

Your daily cleaning should include sweeping or vacuuming the rug to remove debris, food crumbs and pet hair. Before vacuuming, ensure you have the right equipment, depending on the rug material. Some vacuum cleaners can damage rug fibres and cause uneven wear. Thus, check the appliance manufacturer's website for information on the usage specifications for your vacuum.

2. Weekly cleaning

If you cannot keep up with daily vacuuming, make a point of cleaning the rug at least once or twice a week. Besides vacuuming, check the rug for stains and spills. Don't leave stains to set, as they can become permanent. Some stains to look out for on your child's area rug include fruit juice/milk spills, food spills, pet urine, or vomit. You can buy a green spot cleaner to treat stains on the go. Alternatively, mix equal parts dish soap and vinegar, and use the solution to spot-treat stains and protect your rug.

3. Monthly cleaning

Vacuuming and spot-treating do a great job of keeping area rugs clean. However, they don't get rid of all the dirt and debris. Thus, consider shampooing and cleaning your child's area rug once a month. You can machine-wash or hand-wash the rug, depending on its size and material. Invest in an eco-friendly or chemical-free cleaning agent. Avoid harsh chemicals as they can linger in the fibres and affect your child's health. 

Dry area rug properly

Whether you are shampooing or spot-treating your area rug, ensure that it dries properly. Moisture can cause mould growth in area rugs within a short period. Once mould grows on the material, it will affect air quality and expose your child to health complications. If possible, hang rugs out in the sun after cleaning them with water.

Cleaning the rug in your child's room improves air quality and creates a healthy environment for your little one. Therefore, if you don't have the time to keep the rugs clean, let the professionals do it for you. Contact a cleaning company for rug cleaning services.