Simple Dos and Don’ts for Getting Upholstery Cleaning Right

When you have a sofa or chair that you love, cleaning it regularly helps you enjoy it for longer. Following simple dos and don'ts is an easy way to ensure your upholstery cleaning efforts are not wasted.

Do Vacuum Regularly

Even when it doesn't look as though there's any dirt or debris on your upholstery, you need to vacuum it regularly. Doing so ensures you don't miss surface dirt that could later settle in and make your sofa look drab. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush for this purpose.

Don't Ignore Spills

The second a spillage happens, or it becomes apparent that one is there, you need to tackle it. Spills that settle in for too long become harder to remove. In a lot of cases, you can tackle a spill using a combination of vinegar and washing-up liquid. Always make sure you blot the initial liquid before applying your solution.

Do Test Cleaning Solutions

Ideally, your upholstery will come with a label that indicates what cleaning solutions you should use. When that's not the case, always make sure you test cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area before applying them to the rest of your sofa. To be extra cautious, test all solutions whether the cleaning label says they're suitable or not.

Don't Scrub Vigorously

When a stain looks as though it's dark or difficult to tackle, you may feel tempted to scrub vigorously. Vigorous scrubbing is unlikely to make the stain any better. Sometimes, it might damage your upholstery's fibres and worsen the stain. Always take a soft approach to stains for the best results.

Do Dry Your Upholstery Gently

Resist the urge to apply tools such as heavy fan heaters and hair dryers to your upholstery. They may cause discolouration and make the drying process harder. Instead, use fans that blow cool air and open windows on a breezy day. 

Don't Wet the Fabric Too Much

Wetting your upholstery's fabric will probably make it smell musty and could worsen stains. Take a delicate approach with water and cleaning solutions for the best results. If you're using a specific cleaning fluid, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Do Use a Professional Service

Ultimately, if a stain is proving tricky to tackle, you're better off using a professional upholstery cleaning service. Professionals have the right tools for tackling difficult jobs. They also have the experience required to lift stains without damaging the fabric. Using a professional can promote your upholstery's longevity and help you enjoy it for longer. 

For more info about upholstery cleaning, contact a local company.