Why You Should Take Office Cleaning Seriously

Office cleaning is something that many business owners don't necessarily think much about when going over important overhead expenses for the business. For some, it's a matter of having the employees chip in and helping to clean. For others, it's more so about hiring the cheapest company to clean the office in daily or weekly intervals. As a business owner, it's important that you understand how often you should really be cleaning to keep your employees and customers happy, as well as why you should hire professionals who know what they're doing. Read More 

Organising a Volunteer-Based Hospital Cleaning Day: Tips and Ideas

For a change of pace, consider using volunteers to clean parts of your hospital. Organising a volunteer-based cleaning session is a great way to brighten up your hospital and impart volunteers with a sense of pride. Here are some tips to help you run the event successfully and productively: 1. Cover the importance of handwashing Cleaning a hospital is not like cleaning a house, a school or more other facilities. Hospitals can harbour a wide range of germs that can be potentially deadly. Read More 

Four Steps For A Clean Mattress

It is important to understand that if your bed mattress is not cleaned regularly, this can contribute to a host of medical conditions. As  a general rule, the mattress steam cleaning should happen once every couple of months; try to make it a part of your overall cleaning routine. It is worthwhile investing in a steam cleaner to ensure that the mattress is cleaned thoroughly and not just vacuumed. This article looks at the four steps involved when steam cleaning your mattress. Read More 

Using A Carpet Cleaning Machine For The First Time

Operating a carpet cleaner correctly is not just a case of getting the machine out and using it like a vacuum. Like all jobs, preparation plays a very important part and will directly influence the end results you experience. Instead of thinking that you will just give the carpet a quick clean, try to view it as a bigger task, one where you have to follow certain steps to get the most out of the machine. Read More 

What To Expect From Your Commercial Waste Management Service Provider

Waste is an unavoidable product of every business entity. Whether its daily rubbish, periodic clean-up rubbish or leftovers from raw materials, it needs to be collected and disposed of in a legal manner. This ensures that your business premises remains clean and tidy at all times. By signing up with acommercial waste management service, you can enjoy this through provision of various waste collection services as detailed below. General waste disposal Read More